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Playback stutters on HD streams


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I'm using dvbviewer server as a M3u source for live TV. Apple TV 4k is my playback device.

Playback of all HD channels is not possible without stuttering every few seconds.


I can play the same source on my iPad (via Emby app) without any issues, I also can play it without issues on Apple TV but using other M3U apps (e.g. Cloud Stream TV app).


Maybe another connected issue is that switching channels takes about 5 seconds on Apple TV (using Emby) and takes under 1s using Cloud Stream TV  (same M3u source).


There are some related messages in the ffmpeg logs, please find it attached to this (also a creenshot form the dashboard regarding direct playback but with file container issue? Non-HD channels are also running in direct streaming but without any messages.


Emby server is currently running on Windows 10 @ beta, but also tried it on








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You are using Apple TV native player and streams need to be transcoded and according your logs, your server is not powerful enough

20:10:57.761 frame=  158 fps=0.0 q=-1.0 size=    3943kB time=00:00:04.55 bitrate=N/A throttle=off speed=   0x    
20:10:58.307 frame=  190 fps=177 q=-1.0 size=    4642kB time=00:00:05.19 bitrate=59417.2kbits/s throttle=off speed=0.595x    
20:10:58.861 frame=  216 fps=133 q=-1.0 size=    5347kB time=00:00:05.71 bitrate=37761.1kbits/s throttle=off speed=0.712x    
20:10:59.409 frame=  241 fps=111 q=-1.0 size=    5960kB time=00:00:06.21 bitrate=29412.5kbits/s throttle=off speed=0.763x    
20:10:59.950 frame=  270 fps= 99 q=-1.0 size=    6714kB time=00:00:06.79 bitrate=24554.3kbits/s throttle=off speed=0.824x 

Try MPV player.

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Strange... server runs on a Intel Pentium J5005 cpu it shouldn't be an issue to transcode because of QuickSync


can you tell me how to use MPV player instead?




found it !... ;)


works much much better, thx!

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