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Subtitle Location not changing


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I have set up my Emby server a while ago, but haven't really used it much.  I have been running Plex for years, but am experimenting with switching to Emby.  There are a number of things I like about each.  


With all that said I have one issue that i can't seem to get to work properly.  I have a number of movies and shows that are missing subtitles.  I like the fact with Emby I can go and to each individually if needed and click download to search OpenSubtitles.  I have done this but every time I do the subtitles go into the metadata location at /var/lib/emby.  I have the box checked to save subtitles in the media folder.  Shouldn't that save the location to the same location as the media folder?


Steps taken so far

Removed all SRT files from /var/lib/emby/metadata/library....

Checked the library for the "save subtitles to media location"

restarted server

Ran library scan

Refresh metadata - replace all metadata


I have even deleted the library and added it back.  I did name the new library the same as the old library.  


Any help would be appreciated



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Hi, most likely emby server does not have write access to your media folders. When this happens, it will automatically fall back to saving in the metadata folder. Please let us know if this helps. Thanks.

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I think i've run into a brick wall with the opensubtitles account.  I'm getting error messages attempting to download subtitles through Emby now.  When I got to OpenSubtitles and attempt to manually download it says i have reached my limit and if I continue my IP may be blocked.  


I will attempt again tomorrow and report back my findings.

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I'm glad to report back that everything is working today as it should.  I checked all my permissions and you were right.  Emby didn't have read/write permissions to all of my media folders.    It just happened that the ones I needed were the ones causing with the permission issues.  Also my IP ban at opensubtitles has been released for now.  I have successfully downloaded a couple of subtitles manually.  Thanks for your help.

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