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Any way to disable joystick/gamepad input?

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is there any way to disable joystick inputs other than unplugging the device?


I have a HOTAS setup (Flightsimulator Stick and Throttle) and its input is recognised by Emby Theater and the Stick or Throttle (or both) often send input that will mute, fast forward, stop playback or do other unwanted actions. This is extremely annoying especially when i play games like elite dangerous while i want to watch / listen to some of my Video/Audio content. Or when i simply don't want to get my ass up from the couch and walk over to PC to unplug them :-) .


- when i unplug the devices these issues instantly disappear.

- similar issues with emby web app, so this is no workaround (issues also disappearing as soon as i unplug the HOTAS)


I have installed the latest Version of Emby Theater 2 days ago.

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Hi, not currently but options are possible for the future. Thanks.

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I would also like this.  Similarly, I have controllers and separate software used to remap the controllers to do exactly what I want.  However, without an emby option to disable it's internal gamepad functions, it does not play well with any other software.  It has it's own ideas of what to do with the buttons and no way to disable or customize.  All you need to do is add a checkbox somewhere to disable the emby internal default controller settings.  Then we can do whatever we want.

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