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The way to go?

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I currently have Windows Media Center running on a WIndows 7 computer and recording shows and watching live tv thru my XBox 360 devices.  Using Ceton devices which aren't directly supported by emby.  So was looking at a proxy that was cool to emulate HDHomeRun but only issue is it wasn't aware of what the WMC was doing with the tuners so could conflict as I'm just in testing phase now.  Then saw ServerWMC.  Knew about it but never used it. 


Would this allow Emby to use the tunes and coexist with WMC so they both would know if tuners are available or not? 

Would both be able to record shows?  

If they could both record would they store recordings separately?

Do they share a guide or are the guides separate?

Any documentation that shows the setup so I can get a feel for it or showing it in action?

Lastly, is this dated or kept up to date?


Note I would be using WMC on Windows 7, Emby Server running on Windows Essentials Server 2016, and using NVidia Shield for the player at least non WMC based playing. 

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Emby and WMC can coexist and through ServerWMC, Emby relies on WMC to tell it what is going on.

Both can be used to schedule. ServerWMC just communicates with the WMC recording db.

Recordings are stored where ever you tell WMC to store them and they are stored in .wtv files, not in convenient folders as the native Emby DVR does.

You only use the guide date provided by ServerWMC, else you will have two guides.

There is no setup guide of which I am aware but it is pretty self-explanatory.

AFAIK, ServerWMC is pretty static at this point but there may be updates for it. I quit WMC in favor of Emby DVR nearly two years ago now so have lost touch with it.

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Thanks Sammy.


So does Emby actually record anything or just tell WMC to record it?


And can you clarify the ServerWMC guide?  Where does it come from is it from just WMC?  My WMC guide was replaced a long time ago before it was eliminated by Microsoft but assume it's pulling the guide info from the same place but curious.


So correct me if I'm wrong, but sounds like in this case Emby is basically pulling it's data from WMC and acting as a front end for presentation and to update it's scheduled show info?





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Everything you say there is correct.


I started using epg123 about 4 years ago and used it all the way up until when I quit using WMC. That said, MB uses whatever guide dated WMC gives it.


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Cool, so out of curiousity does this require the premiere license when using it this way?  Assume so being it's using a form of DVR functionality?  Everytime I decide to buy a lifetime subscription something happens.  In this case a pandemic making jobs unstable.

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