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My Cloud EX2 ULTRA & Emby

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Afternoon all -


Just purchaged a new WD EX2 Ultra and cannot get it to work with Emby.  I am setting up Emby on another PC and it does not recognize the drives I setup. Below is a typical UNC.  I can map the UNC (folder from WD) on any computer.  


Is there something I am missing here?  Shouldn't I just be allowed to enter the UNC path in EMBY and be done with the it?



\\MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA\'Folder name'

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That's just a plain jane, no frills NAS similar to a USB drive but with a gigabit network port.
It doesn't really have the processing power to run a media server on it.

But it's totally fine for storage and can be used by any Emby Server install.
So you could have Emby installed on a PC and setup your libraries to use it for the media.

If you have Emby installed on a PC and are having trouble using the WD NAS with it let us know and we can help you.

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