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Nvidia Shield version update


Go to solution Solved by CBers,

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Emby Team, thanks for the great server and apps!


I looked but couldn't find these questions.


#1 On the downloads page of the website, it does not show what version is the current stable one for whatever app. How can I know I am on the latest and greatest? (without looking into each store such as Amazon or Google, etc)


#2 Is Nvidia Shield a different app than Android TV? I see forums for Android TV and then Nvidia in that forum but not sure they are the same.


#3 What is the most current version of Shield TV? I seem to get only 1.7.92g which I think is a couple years old?


#4 I love the fact that most of the apps that I use for Emby support animated gifs (pronounced jif! lol) and animated webp format, but on my Nvidia boxes it doesn't work but it does on android phones (Android Mobile) and browsers.


Again, thanks for a great product and from what I can tell a much more responsive dev team than Plex!





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ShieldTV uses AndroidTV. The latest beta is 1.7.99g. Version 1.7.92 might be the latest stable and certainly is not 2 years old.


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