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Kodi for Emby only syncing 15 episodes


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Hi All,


I've been using emby and emby for kodi on a few devices for some time and everything has been working properly.

I've got Kodi running on an android TV and I've added a new user to kodi so other users can have their own library with their own watch status and resume points.


The first user is myself and I can see all moviesd and tv shows and resume points work for all devices

The second user is not an admin but can access all libraries. It seems all Movies and TV Show will sync, but only 15 episodes of each show will sync. It seems totally random as it's not like it's syncing the first 15 episodes, it's 15 random episodes of any season 

I've reset the emby add-on and the local database but it's still doing the same thing.



Any help greatly appreciated!

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