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Play video before trailers?


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Is it possible to have something play before the trailers?  


 I would like it to play before to announce that the trailers are playing - like a coming soon banner - and then a custom video after the trailers - Our feature attraction.  


I have the custom video file configured but it plays after the trailers.  So when you start the movie it launches into the trailers without warning and then into the movie without warning?  Thanks.

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Yes! Please add this feature! I'm a Plex Lifetime user and I'm considering switching to Emby. I used Kodi with CinemaVision previously and that had exactly what I needed. For a true cinema experience I would love to be able to play a custom intro (Personally I use the IMAX intro) then a 'Coming Soon to Theaters' bumper then the trailers. Also, please find a way to increase trailer quality, it's stuck at 480p. Thanks!

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