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Missing Movies


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I need some help getting a newly added movie to show up in Emby.


I'm running Emby server version on a Mac mini. The Mac mini is running macOS 10.3.6. I added a new movie to one of my library folders as I've done many times before, however it does not appear in the Emby library. I have run the library scan several times, but it doesn't pick up the new movie for some reason.


The movie file is an mp4 and I have confirmed that it is playable in QuicktTime Player on the same Mac mini.


I have tried removing the folder from my library and adding it back in again.


I've never experienced this problem previously, so I'm not sure what else to try.


Any ideas?

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Can you go over a specific example.  


If you were to create a new library with a new folder does this media appear in that library?

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Well, apparently Murphy's law is still a thing. Within a few minutes of posting here I figured out what the problem was. It was a file naming issue. The movie actually was being "seen", it was just mislabeled as a totally different movie with incorrect artwork. It was my fault though, as I was sloppy with file my naming.


I deleted the artwork and metadata files, corrected the file name, then rescanned the library again and downloaded new metadata. Now the movie shows up correctly.


Sorry for the fire drill.

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