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Just received an MBS update to Version: 3.0.5289.18702


Just tested MBT and both issues stated below seemed to have been corrected. WELL DONE!!!



MBS Version: Version 3.0.5288.30195


MBT Version: 3.0.5287.42414


1. RESUME status is no longer being saved when playing a video in MBT with the latest Server update.

2. Trying to select the PLAYED check icon in MBT throws a THERE WAS AN ERROR PROCESSING THIS REQUEST result.


MBT can pick up a RESUME status on a video if it was originally played with another client that still tracks RESUME (MBC, WebUI, Android). But, MBT will not keep any additional RESUME status if you play in MBT and stop the video again. If you watch video to the end in MBT, it will not update the status of the video to PLAYED.

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