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Emby / Alexa changing players not working


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I believe this is a bug in the Emby Alexa plugin.  If I say "Alexa open Emby home", then say "Change player", I hear a list of players similar to the one below.  The problem is they keep changing!  For example, one time I tried to change the player, 1 was the bedroom.  Now it's the office.  Emby seems to reassign the numeric version of the player to a different player.  This results in having to listen to this long list of players every time I want to change players.  Also note that I've tried unsuccessfully specifying the player in a single command such as "alexa, ask m. b. home to play song stairway to heaven on player 5".


1 bedroom (office)
2 familly room
3 family room dlna .221
4 bathroom
5 bedroom .251
6 Living Room (office)
7 sun room (living room dlna)
8 living room .222
9 office
10 living room
11 garage
12 dlna dlna


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Hi @@zBernie are you still running into this?


Yes, I just updated to and the Emby player keeps changing numbers.  And it does not understand when I say change player to 'sunroom sonos", which is what it calls the player here in the sun room.  So I have to listen to a long list of players by number.  And "sunroom sonos" just changed from 13 to 8, in two attempts.

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