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Concert Additional parts in wrong order


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I have the complete Live Aid 1985 in 21 files, under Music Videos

File structure is:

Live Aid (1985)

          >Live Aid (1985) >Live Aid (1985) - Part 1

                                     > Live Aid (1985) - Part 2

                                     > Live Aid (1985) - Part 3

and so on, but when viewing it in Emby, the additional parts are in random order:



How do I get them to display in the correct order?


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@@Happy2Play are you able to reproduce?


In yes



Will test on a new beta soon to see if the new sort changes work for this.

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Applied css to show, but got pretty much the same results on new beta (




path C:\Users\Media\Desktop\Videos\Music Videos\Live Aid (1985)\


with Live Aid (1985) - Part 1.mkv thru Live Aid (1985) - Part 11.mkv items no metadata.

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This is the same problem I was having here:




Another Example:





It also seems to happen if you search for a film series:




It might be easier if there was just a drop down for multi part films.  Like there is for multi-versions.

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