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Emby Android App on Chromebook = Surround Track for Sound???

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Hi there, can you please discuss an example? thanks.

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Emby Server

Pixel XL (QP1A.191005.007.A3)

Pixel 2 XL (QQ2A.200405.005)

ChromeOS (Version 81.0.4044.127 )

Sony WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth headphones (current firmware 4.2.2)


Actual Behavior:

It's as if the left and right speakers are playing sound but the center dialogue speaker is not coming through. It's actually been like this for a while now. Sorry for not reporting sooner.



When does the dialogue sound work...

1. Pixel XL / Pixel 2 XL (alone)

2. ChromeOS (alone)

3. ChromeOS + Sony headphones via bluetooth



When does the dialogue sound not work...

1. Pixel XL / Pixel 2 XL + Sony headphones via bluetooth


All scenarios were tested with the same video. When it doesn't work ...it doesn't work with all AC3, eAC3 & DTS audio codecs. 



@@Luke - Isolated the setting that is causing the issue. HD Audio: LDAC (enabled by default) tunes out the main dialogue channels for a lot of my media. Disabling the setting allows the dialogue audio to come through. 




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Just grabbed my Chromebook. Updated it to latest Chromebook update, rebooted. Updated all apps (including Emby) in the Play Store. Still only plays the surround track. Bug still exists  :unsure:

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Same issue with emby app on pixelbook2017, web version is OK.

Netflix is missing from my Play store.

Note to myself, don't buy hardware related to google.

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This isn't an Emby issue. It's a Chrome OS issue. Plex does the same thing. Chrome OS does not support multi channel audio streams. There is early support for it in Canary, so it may come down the line in the next release or two, from what I've read. If you drop your quality down to 480p your audio stream will play in the app, but your picture quality won't be great. An option to downmix the audio stream to stereo would solve the issue, but if Chrome OS is going to add support for surround in the near future, it may be a pointless effort. 

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For those impacted by this, if you'd like to test something new, please participate here:


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