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Searching Chinese character can't do partial term


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when using the search box with Chinese character, it only displays results for movies and TVs that start with the letters you are typing from left to right, but will not display words from the middle of title.


Example video titles:









Say I was searching the word: 传奇




only 传奇办公室 will show in the searched results because the word is at the beginning of the title.


Please fix the issue for searching with Chinese character, thank you!


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Hi, is each character always it's own word?


Yes, every Chinese character do have its own meaning or you can say every Chinese character is a specific word. For example the character 传 means broadcast, 奇 means incredible, 故 means ancient, 事 means thing; However, two or more Chinese character may combine to a new specific word or phrase, such as 传 combine with 奇 to 传奇 which means legend; 故 combine with 事 to 故事 which means story; 事 combine with 故 to 事故 which means accident; 传 combine with 奇, 故, 事 to 传奇故事, which means romance.
So the solution is to support searching two or more Chinese character together in order no matter the position in title, that is to say, when I search 传奇, the result should include 传奇办公室, 龙珠传奇之无间道, 新白娘子传奇, but not include 怪奇都市传说 (because the character 奇 is not followed the chracter 传 and some chracters separate them).
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Ok we're looking into this, but it might be difficult as it appears the sqlite full text search features don't fully support Chinese characters. Thanks for reporting.

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