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Automatic Bug Reporting for Beta users


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Hi Team,


I am always keen to help out with feedback etc for MB to help you guys with what I can to create the best media player experience, but I find myself short on time to always create a thread, post logs, provide screenshots etc.


I've been involved in many betas for games and the like and many of them had built in mechanisms to automatically report the logs and bugs back.


I was wondering if there could be an opt in feature for beta users to automatically send you guys logs, allow us to provide some context to the issue via a text field we can add to the log being sent.


Perhaps where there is a crash, that the log is created and in the background a pop up could appear for when you close MB down to 'one-click' report the issue back to you and allow us to tell you what we were doing at the time.


I am sure there would be others like me that really want to help, but are limited in what we can offer. Perhaps such a mechanism could encourage more feedback and issues to be reported?


Anyways, keep up the great work!





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