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Emby for Kodi - Kodi restarts during Cache all artwork


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New Emby user, I did my initial first install of the client on a Vero 4K+ running OSMC with the Embuary skin (approx 10 days ago), all was working fine and I could do the Cache all artwork.

Had to do a re-installation after transferring my server to another machine and trying to get a reverse proxy going. Had some issues so did a clean install, during the Cache all artwork the client rebooted Kodi during the "waiting for all threads to exit" step.


Did numerous attempts without success. Did a clean install again and only installed OSMC and Emby for Kodi, same issue. Could not see anything obvious in the logs, pushed the Reset patch update. It still crashes during the sync, but now something appears in the logs ERROR: Could not allocate memory for thumbnail:xxx. It doesn't crash at the same file every time, it seems to be random.

The Kodi restarts to me seems to be the same, but with reset patch done something gets recorded in the log. CPU is running at max during the sync, memory usage approx 50% (just by checking with top). CPU gets warm (+90C), but according to what's posted on OSMC's forum shutdown activates at 120C.


I've tested on 2 units, one of them straight out of the box and the behaviour is the same on both.

Emby server running in a Docker container (Linuxserverio) on a Unraid host.


Emby for Kodi: 4.1.18







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I'll have to rethink how to plug in the progress for that one. The sync takes forever, the number in parenthesis is the number of artwork left to be processed--it is not stuck, the number updates, just the progress bar isn't plugged in. You shut down Kodi while it was still ongoing according to your log.

Waiting for all threads to exit: 1 (17111) <-- 17111 artwork url left to processed when you shut it down.

I'll try to make some more adjustments. there is a throttle in place for artwork caching but maybe it needs to be more aggressive. I'll let you know when to retry.

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To follow up.

As a temporary solution I use Embycon to do the image sync, and its been working ok.

When I did the initial sync the CPU load was considerably lower then when using Emby for Kodi. From what I've experienced so far there seems to be no conflict between E4K and Embycon when using both so that's great.

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