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Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos

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I am currently testing Emby because plex has failed to improve on xbox one playback issue (buffering).


I have installed the Emby server on a Win 10 I7 device


Main drive is SSD


I have installed Ember of Emby on the Xbox units


So far bufffering has not been an issue, However playing MKVs with Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos produces 0 audio, even on my main Home theater,


I even tried playing the file directly from the Emby server without Ember to verify


I am sure its a setting I may be missing any help to point me in the right direction.




Also Hardware acceleration is only supported in premier correct?



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Its called ember for Emby in the microsoft store, since the emby app does not allow more than a minute usage without full subscription.


But as i mentioned even without Ember it still does not play true audio directly through Emby as well

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Okay, that is a 3rd party app so I can move this topic to that area.


I do not believe our app supports TrueHD on the Xbox.  I'm not positive about Ember.

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ember doesn't support direct play/stream of truehd via hdmi. This seems more of a windows thing than an ember issue. As a general rule if a video will play in the Microsoft "Movies and TV" app it will play directly in ember. I get an error in Movies and TV when I attempt to play truehd regardless of the fact the my AVR supports it.


AC3,DTS, DTS-MA and a host of other audio works just fine. I rip my MVK's always with the best AC3 track I can in addition to DTS, truehd etc. because not all my devices are attached to my AVR. generally everything will natively play ac3.


If truehd is the only available track you have, ember will request the server to convert it to ac3 5.1. Unfortunately but for reasons that made sense at the time, you have to make sure the switch in the playback settings screen for direct play of  DTS is off or ember will attempt to direct play it (and fail)  and the server will not transcode it resulting in no audio. This also means that any video with only DTS tracks will also transcode, not ideal I know.



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