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Intel Gen11 Iris Plus / Ice Lake transcoding performance?


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Anyone get their hands on an Iris Plus Ice Lake system and do any testing on transcoding performance?


I'm eyeballing an Intel 10xxG7 with an Iris Plus.  Seeing 64 execution units as nearly 3x that on the UHD630 I'm wondering where this might compare to a GTX1060 etc.


Failing to find a lot of information on quicksync performance.  Seems like everyone's effort is put into Nvidia cards. 


I've googled for ANY kind of benchmark on quicksync encoding and found just one, PCWorld encoded a 6GB 4k video in 508 seconds with handbrake/quicksync vs 784 seconds on an 8th gen i7.   Unfortunately I have no idea how long that video was and how utilized quicksync was (ie, does that use all 64 execution units or just some).



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As many transcodes as possible and to avoid having to add a high end nvidia card to accomplish it.  


for example, to get 20 streams of 1080p transcode you could grab a 6GB 1060 and patch it for about $225 AND have a decent enough CPU to handle the rest of the server, or just get the decent CPU up front and skip the graphics card and side effects of that which are larger case, larger power supply, more money, dealing with proprietary drivers.

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Guest asrequested

20 simultaneous transcodes is a lot. I'm not sure either of those options can do that. If they can, it'll be right on the edge of its capacity. And you can buy a used GTX 1060 6GB for half of that price. I did, but recently sold it. You may want to consider the newest Ryzen CPUs.

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Here is the closest thing I have

i3-8109U with an Iris Plus 655 with 48 execution units and whatever diff between the gen8 vs gen10 cpu has.  Burns up about 15% of the CPU and 15% of the GPU MPEG2>h.264 though that fluctuates a bit.


works out to right about 6 transcodes before it chokes and that's really right on the line, 5 transcodes in the comfort zone.


This is a dual-core CPU though and sticks at 3Ghz when encoding AND only has 4GB of RAM.


The simplest form of the question is, will a quad core gen10  iris plus 64 execution unit offer 8 MPEG2>H.264 transcodes or will it handle more?

This is really right on the line for what I need so it being generationally better is required.



As far as the Ryzen, you're suggesting pure software encoding with a high core count Ryzen?  From what I've read, the onboard video encoding on Ryzens aren't going to compete...

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