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Updating Genres in Library.db has no effect?


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I have a bunch of media and they got other genre names than I want.

Emby used SQLLite so I assume I can use "DB Browser for SQLite" to update the genres to move them into the same Genre. Right?


Here is the steps I did:

1. Shutdown the Emby Server (right click on tray icon and exit)

2. Start up the program "DB Browser for SQLite"

3. Open %AppData%\Emby-Server\programdata\data\Library.db

4. Click the tab "Execute SQL" and type:

update MediaItems set Genres = replace(Genres, 'Science Fiction', 'Sci-Fi') where Genres like '%Science Fiction%'

5. Press F5 to execute the statement and the entries get updated.

6. Click on "Write Changes"

7. Click "Close Database"

8. Start up the Emby Server / restart my computer (should have the same result that Emby Server is running).


However the media is still in their original genres. :(


I even tried to "Refresh Metadata" -> "Search for missing metadata" in the hope that would do anything about this. Nothing changed.


Next I tried using the API to update it via a C# console application, but I gave up after some hours setting it up and trying to understand how to get genre and items and how to update genre on items without messing up the items.


I would rather use the sqllite database to update than the API...

or using the web interface if there is a way to mass update...


results in 0 items, but should have resulted in many items.


results in many items, but should now have resulted in 0 items.



So, how to I make the emby server understand that I made updates to the library.db database ?


Thanks in advance  ^_^

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Yea that's not going to work. It's also in the ItemLinks table. I would use the user interface, or the API if you want to script something.

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