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Movies stop playing early.

King Pin
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Not sure if this should be in Windows or Qnap sections since I run Emby on a Qnap server.  


Last 4 movies I have streamed to my tv with Chromecast dongle, War Dogs, The Paperboy, Jack Reacher and Game night have all stopped early.  Except for war dogs the other 3 stopped with roughly 20 minutes left.  War Dogs stopped half way through.  

Screen goes back to the Green Emby sign with my different movies changing in the background. 



  • Qnap TVS-882T
  • Desktop Computer running WIn 7 hardwired to router and NAS
  • tv with chromecast dongle wifi
  • All movies in .mkv format


I go to Emby on my desktop pick a movie and stream it to one of my tv's.  

Happened with Emby 4.2 and now with Emby 4.3 


I attached the last 3 log files on my screen.  

not sure if they are the right ones. 






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Can you try lowering the Chromecast quality setting in the casting app? This could be a sign the bitrate is too high. Thanks.

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Correct yes. The default behavior on the local network is to just go as high as possible to avoid transcoding, but sometimes for Chromecast that can be a little too much.

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  • Solution

Let us know how you get on. Thanks.


Looks like you were right. 

The last 2 movies I watched since lowering the streaming quality have played in full. 

Thank you so much! 

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