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Dynamic folder content in channel plugin


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Another issue. Playing streams in EmbyCon (Emby plugin for Kodi) fails in ffmpeg. The reason is that EmbyCon does not set SegmentContainer param in play url. That causes the Emby server generate invalid FFmpeg arguments list (empty -segment_format argument). Could be fixed 2 ways:

1. EmbyCon must set SegmentContainer in URL (that's how I fixed it locally)

2. Server should not add -segment_format argument to ffmpeg.exe if SegmentContainer is missing (probably, the right fix)


Also, I'm pleased to say that my plugin now works in Android client! I did 2 things:

1. Updated the server

2. As Luke suggested, replaced separator char in ItemID's with '_' (it was '|')


One of these fixed Android playback.



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