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Emby on QNAP TS-128A


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I have installed the latest version of the Emby server on my QNAP TS-128A (QNAP Arm64 (aarch64), emby-server-qnap_4.2.1.0_arm_64.qpkg), and although the installation doesn't give any error, the server page on port 8096 gives connection error (I tried to restart the server and the NAS, to reinstall Emby ... and the problem continues).

I have tried to install the beta version (QNAP Arm64 (aarch64) - BETA, emby-server-qnap_4.3.0.14_arm_64.qpkg) and it works correctly, but I would like to use a stable version. Why does the beta version work, and the production version does not? If I install the beta version, will I automatically get future updates from the server?



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