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Migrate emby server from Qnap to Synology


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I would like some directions as if this is possible and what problems could arise.


I am thinking of moving all of my 4k movie collection now residing on a qnap ts-869l (in fact I have started moving them...have a feeling that I shouldn't be doing this before backing up the emby data...I have shutdown the qnap instance of emby already...) to a synology ds1815 mainly because of bigger space...


The qnap runs the latest beta but on synology I am restrained to the latest stable release...will this pose a problem?


What is the best way to transfer the old server configuration to the new one? Automatically via the backup feature (with premiere of course) or manually?





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Hi there, yes the backup feature would probably be your best bet. Keep in mind i would limit the restore to users and user data only. If you try to restore other settings that contain paths pointing to QNAP folders, it could be a problem.


Please let us know if this helps. Thanks.

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ok... I am ready to restore to the new server





which settings should I deselect? I am testing this on an Asustor but I don't think it would matter...would it?

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