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Dark and Light Themes not highlighting posters and counters

Go to solution Solved by Luke,

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Posting this for @@memc who provided information


Problem: When using any of the Dark or Light themes the posters have no active border when selecting and the circle for posters with item counts are also missing the color highlight so they are hard to read.


Problem does not occur when using other themes like Blue Radiance 


Problem was not there when using v1.0.64.  All themes worked fine in 1.0.64 and can be verified when switching back and forth between versions




TV JS8000 2015

App 1.0.67

Server 4210


Pic #1 using Blue Radiance, Movies library is highlighted




Pic #2 using the Dark theme, No green highlight is seen with the active folder. 




Pic #3 using the Dark theme.  Notice the green background in the circle is missing so you can't read the numbers very well.  The background of the circle appears to be transparent on all posters and is hard to read




This is using the Blue Radiance theme.  The numbers are now readable and have a green background.





Again this happens with all Dark and Light themes and was not there in version 1.0.64


Just a note I'm not seeing this problem with my 2018 Samsung, so this may be an issue with older TVs only.  Maybe someone else can confirm

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Can confirm. I was checking for a solution when I found your post. Other themes work fine, the default one does not, making near impossible to navigate.


TV: Samsung JU6000 series

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I'm seeing the same problem with Dark Theme on 2017 QLED, so not just 2015 models


Cool, maybe everything below Tizen 4.0 (2018) then?  I'm definitely not seeing the issue.  Maybe more people will chime in

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