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Emby restart


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Hi! Just recently subscribed to Emby. I have it hooked up to HDHomerun. I had everything set upa couple days ago. Then I noticed at settings that I had to restart server to have updates, plugins to work. This is on the browser with the emby dashboard, logged in and all. Well, I restarted it using the button on the dashboard. But when I try to login, it keeps going back to how it was when I was setting it all up. Also when I am logged in already, all the tv shows etc I had set up to record are all gone. All of the changes I made also from initial setup are all gone. So I have to redo everything, from adding media folders to adding my Emby premiere key.


Could anyone help on what is going on? Also is there a separate app I can go to so I won't have to do everything on a browser. BTW, I am running Windows 10 on my pc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am liking everything so far except this whole brouhaha with the browser and restart.

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@@riasimpson you may want to move your post to a more appropriate section of the forum for server type issues like the one below.  It may not get the appropriate attention in this section




Also, there are many client apps depending on what devices you have and where you want to view.  Most of your admin stuff though will be done using the web client










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