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FR: support flexible seasons


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Since v3 of TheTVDB is live they support flexible seasons.
It would be great if Emby could support this.
An example where this would come in handy is La Casa de Papel (Money Heist).
Right now Emby only shows The Antenna 3 seasons (2 seasons) while I'd prefer to see the Netflix ordering which has 3 seasons: https://beta.thetvdb.com/series/la-casa-de-papel .

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v3 was rolled back after massive problems (even worse than the ones from v1 to v2)


eg tmdb supports this since very long time, but no will from the emby devs to support this

and it took us years to have them poorly support the old "tv/dvd/absolute" tvdb sorting system


so don't put much hope in here

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TVDB supports flexible seasons but their v3 api does not provide this information.  They currently suggest their v4 api will support it whenever it is released.


The alternate version La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) nfos are being provided here



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