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Raw picture support for Nikon (.NEF) ?


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Hi Everybody,

I recently bought the new Nimbustor 4 bays (great Asustor NAS by the way, I love it !!!) and i'm in the selection process to chose between PLEX & EMBY Server.

I don't want to use both and I need to make sure I do the right choice for my usage. Of course I don't want to change my tools when I'm all set....


In any both case, I'll go for the lifetime premium version (same price for both) so my choice is not a question of price but only what is the best for my usage...


At the moment, all working fine for Plex but for for EMBY, I can't display my raw files Pictures (.NEF from Nikon camera)

I am an amator photographer and have like 100k pictures... so I'll not go for EMBY if it doesn't support .NEF files.


Can you tell me if this is my setup to update (additional plug in to install ???) or if it just doesn't work?

Note. I have the version 4.2.1 on my Asustor Nimbustor


Thanks for your support


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Hi there, this should be supported. Can you please attach the emby server log from the asustor? You can learn how to do that here:



Thanks !


Hi Luke,

Thanks for your quick answer. The guys who said we feel supported with Emby are quite right :)


I need to appologize because it works... I can get all my raw files working for Nikon, Canon & Panasonic cameras  :) 

Actually the reason why it didn't work was that I was too much impatient...LoL

It took almost 20H for Emby to correctly process all the files for the entire library. During this processing time, I could see a place holder  for pictures with a very small icon displayed when I selected them.

Now after the Library is entirely processed, it all works well, that's great :)


Sorry for having bothering you, and thanks for supporting anyway!



Now I feel that I'm going to but the Premium version of Emby :) but still have one question: Probably not the right place for it...sorry for that.


Question is: Should I buy an Emby premiere version for each of my devices??

I have an Android phone, an iPad + Android Tablet as well and I'm not expecting to pay for all of them  :rolleyes:


From the iPad for example, there is a message saying that the buying process will be managed via Apple iTune and if I enter my email I am proposed only a monthly subscription while I wanted to for a life time payment, so I didn't go further.

Can you help me to understand better how it works?




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You only need ONE EMBY PREMIERE license for your server.  Once you enter the license on the server then all the different Premiere features will be unlocked on the server AS WELL as unlock all the different apps for use with YOUR SERVER.


Emby Premiere is a bargain for what you get.  Try the monthly for $4.99 if you aren't sure.  I bet before the month is out you will purchase the lifetime license. :)

BTW, this will unlock the apps of your brother, sister, mother, father or other close friends you give access to your server.  It's good for 25 devices using Emby Premiere features!


Let me know if you have any other questions,


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