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Movies not showing up under "Movies" tab


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So I recently took my server and Apple TV to a friend's house and when I got everything up and running I could access all of my movies, but the "Movies" Tab is blank. When I go to Genres, they're there and if I go to the search page and search alphabetically they are there and they all play fine. I'm still at said friend's house, so I'm not sure if they will come back once I'm back at home, but I don't see why they would. I tried restarting Emby, restarting the server (QNAP), to no avail. This hasn't ever happened, so I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

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Please provide your Qnap Emby Server version, because the symptoms you describe, tells me that your Qnap Emby Server version is outdated.

The latest Emby Apple TV app needs current Emby Server versions.

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