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Adding movies to playlist on Android TV


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I'm using Emby for a couple of months on my QNAP NAS and my Philips Android smart TV

It works very well but I can't find a way to add movies to playlists. Can't find any option in the GUI, no sub-menu or other.

I can only create playlists and add movies from the web client on my PC.

Is the Android TV client missing this feature?

I couldn't find infos about this on the forum(s).

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Hi.  The way you do this in the Android TV app is to add your video items to the queue (there is a button on the detail screen and also the context - long press - menu for each item).


Then open the queue from the "Continue Watching" section on the home screen and there is a button there to save the queue as a playlist.


Please let us know if this answers your question.



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Sorry for the late reply

I tried as suggested but it's not what it's expected as playlist management


You can only save the queue as a playlist but this the only thing you can do


You can't add any further movie to the playlist but only to the queue


You can't neither delete a movie from the queue, you can only delete / empty the whole queue


Playlist on Android TV is definitely something to completely revise.

There is practically no playlist support, only a queue feature

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Yes, complete playlist management is not implemented in the TV interface yet just because most people use a touch interface for this so it just hasn't made it into the app at this time.


If you wish to add an item to an existing playlist, you can load that playlist into the queue, add your item to the queue and then re-save the playlist (I believe that would work).  As for deleting, I'm not sure there is a way at this time (for videos anyway - you can remove items from the audio queue easily).



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I switched to Emby from Plex (still using both, exactly) and found Emby much better than Plex over many aspects. Unfortunately playlists support is not one of these. I really hope that devs will take care of this feature very soon.

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