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4K Video Reboots FireTV

DarkKniyt (John)

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Firestick has limits set on bit-rate and even megabits of bandwidth, look at product datasheet, think it is because of not so powerful cpu, this will happen on a lot of 4k hevc videos that are 30-35+ mbit bit-rate.

For good 4k experience i recommend shield instead of firestick.

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DarkKniyt (John)

OK, not sure what is actually going on here but I did find a fix for this.


First some FYI...

-This was happening on any 4K video (the 3 I have) I tried playing.

-All of them are MKVs.

-I did lower the Quality Setting. This seems to have stopped ho reboots but video freezes and is unwatchable.(Tried numerous settings).

-Noticed that whichever video I played it was Transcoding. (I believe this should not be happening).


The Fix (for me anyways).

i continued to search for answers and came across a thread in this forum discussing Bit-Rates.

One of the proposed possible fixes was to turn off the Transcoding for the User.

I turned off...

-Allow audio playback that requires transcoding

-Allow video playback that requires transcoding

-Allow video playback that requires conversion without re-encoding.


Started each of the 4k videos.

The each play perfectly.

I can pause, FF, RR and have no issues.


Hopefully it stays this way!


Thanks for everyone's input.

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Okay, that is undoubtedly going to cause you problems with other items.


Were you always selecting the plain DD audio track?  Because that would be the only one playable by the Fire directly - although with the current release of the app, it would still be downsampling the bitrate on that.


You should turn all those options you turned off back on and then try the beta of the app because, if your Fire is new enough, it shouldn't try to downsample anymore.

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DarkKniyt (John)



I have the Gen 3 of the FireTV (previous to the Cube tho the specs are almost identical).

I've tested playing my 4K movies with DD5.1, DTS 5.1 and DD+ 6 with no issues.

I've also been testing other movies, music and TV series randomly and they have all played perfectly.


I'm assuming you are referring to the Beta of Emby?

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Yes, the beta of the Emby app.  It looks at the version of your OS now to determine if the device can handle DD over 340k.  Your newer Fire should and that is why it worked when you turned off all the options.


The video in question only had DTS-HD, TrueHD and DD tracks and only the DD one could be direct played by the device.

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