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I check my server dashboard often.  Most times I check it, it shows my users (friends) watching content via Direct Play which is great.  Once in a while it will be Direct Stream and very seldom transcode.  I have my library set up in a way to direct play ( smaller file sizes etc)


However when I check this Playback Reporting, it looks like most everything is Direct Streaming? Unless I am reading it wrong.  Im just wondering why when I check my dashboard it says everything Direct Plays but this Playback Reporting looks like everything Direct Streams?  Screen Shot attached. 




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Yes I know the difference between Direct Playing and Direct Streaming.  I was just wondering why everytime I look at my server dashboard and someone is playing a movie it says "Direct Playing" but when I check the playback reporting...it looks like most everything is being Direct Streamed...from that Graph.  Both are good..just curious about the discrepancy


Thanks for the quick reply :) 

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Guest asrequested

The reason the dashboard and the playback reporting plugin differ is the playback reporting plugin uses the strict definition above and the dashboard just considers anything not modified as direct play.

That's too simplistic. Direct stream will also occur if any part of the file changed but the video stream is unchanged. So if the container or audio aren't supported, the server will change them to something that is supported and repack it. This is the most common reason, but if the client doesn't have direct access to the file then it will be served.

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