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Videos crash at 90% when watching..


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so this is a bit of a weird one.. I personally do not have problems with this, however I have a user that accesses my library and for past 2 weeks or so, whenever he watches videos, they crash at 90%.  I'm not sure if this would be the server issue on asustor or a web app issue as that's what he uses to watch.  I posted here but this topic can be moved by mod if necessary.. i just did 2 tests with him.. one, I had him log in through an emby app on his phone and he was able to watch ok.. second, I had him log in through web browser (his main way of watching) and I see on server it shows he is running from the web.  at around 90-91% it just drops the feed.. i have attached the emby log as well as the transcode logs.. he was streaming episode of Krypton during the crash.. this happens on pretty much all videos he watches since about 2 weeks now from what I have been told.



server Log crash.txt

Log crash trans 1.txt

Log crash trans 2.txt

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