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Problem with Collection


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I'm having a strange problem with a collection.  I had one for Star Wars movies, and at one point I accidentally deleted one of the files on the back-end and the collection got borked - it no longer would show all of the Star Wars films in the collection - several of them just started showing up as if they were not part of the collection and I could not successfully add them to the collection.


To try to fix the problem, I made copies of all of the mkv/m4v files in another folder that Emby wasn't set up to scan.  I only copied the media files and none of the other stuff (.nfo, .jpeg's, .png's). Then I deleted all of the Star Wars films using the Emby interface (using the delete command for each movie within Emby).  They all disappeared from Emby, but for a couple of them it didn't delete the media files from the filesystem (it did seem to delete everything else).  I manually deleted those from the filesystem.  Then I noticed that the old collection was still showing up, so I went into the metadata manager and figured out how to delete it.


Then I waited a day.  I checked to make sure all visible traces of my entire Star Wars collection was gone.  I re-scanned and refreshed multiple times.  I even re-booted Emby Server and the Win10 Pro VM that it runs on.


Then I copied the media files back over into my "Movies" folder.  Emby scanned the folder and found all of the movies, including multiple versions (where applicable). 


Then I waited another day.


Then I created a new Collection called "Star Wars Series".  The previous collection I had was called "Star Wars Movies"  I started trying to add all of the movies to the new collection.  As I did, I did not get any error messages or other issues.


Only five of the movies show up in the Collection.  I check the metadata manager and it appears that all of the movies should be showing up.  The other movies are stubbornly refusing to appear in the collection, but they do still show up in my list of "all movies".


Any ideas how I can get those movies to go into the collection where they belong?


I have some other collections and they all appear to work normally.  I've added a few films to other collections recently with no problem.


I'm a lifetime premiere member, and I have Emby set to automatically update - it's on the current version (


Screen shots attached.  Do you need any log files or anything else to help make sense of what is going on?














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Hi there, there are some fixes for this in the upcoming 4.2 server release. I would suggest trying again once that is available.

@@Happy2Play are you able to reproduce?

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