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Log location on ReadyNAS install?

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Hi all,


Been getting started with Emby for ReadyNAS. 

So far, its been great and I have it up and running on my own domain (so I can get SSL for Chromecast running).


However, i'm having the (seemingly common) issue with H264/H265[HVEC] videos stuttering.


I'd like to post some more info on the general board, but need to find the server log location.

I have tried /var/log, /app/emby-server, /share/log etc and there's nothing there.


Could someone kindly let me know where Emby stores its log files please?



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Hi there, welcome. You don't need to access the log files directly, you can get them from the server web interface under the Logs section. Please let us know if this helps. Thanks.

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Three files attached.


Main server log and the transcode files for two problematic files - one movie, one series.

H264/H265 are both randomly problematic using ReadyNAS.


Note i'm streaming these to my work MacBook from my home network, but the performance is largely the same.

Similar issues using the Emby app from my home network.


Thoughts appreciated, thanks.




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Hi, what model ReadyNAS do you have? This looks to me like your NAS just can't transcode this fast enough, which means you may have to reconsider what you're playing and on what devices you're playing from. Thanks.

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Yes, you can see these lines in the log:

elapsed=00:01:02.04 frame=  659 fps= 11 q=32.0 size=   17901kB time=00:00:27.90 bitrate=5256.0kbits/s throttle=off speed=0.45x   

See how it says speed=0.45x. That means it's only transcoding at about half the speed of the original video. That means it's not fast enough to be playable. It will need to be something greater than 1.0x in order for the output to be delivered to the video player quickly enough so that it can play smoothly without buffering or stuttering.


You might also be interested in checking out our convert media feature:



This allows you to schedule conversions ahead of time to convert your media into more streaming friendly formats. This conversion may consume a lot of resources on your NAS, but you can have it run overnight if you wish and then the next day you'll have converted media that can play without any transcoding.


Please let us know if this helps. Thanks.

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