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Media Browser Theater Mouse Cursor Request


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Good afternoon,


I have somewhat of a selfish request to maybe look into later at some point regarding Media Browser Theater.


Currently MBKinect has a new ability to control and maneuver the Windows Operating Systems cursor. Very Cool right!?!


However, instead of incorporating "user32" libraries from Windows to change the Cursor on the entire system every time MBKinect runs, I was hoping that you guys might consider the following. 


Media Browser Theater incorporates the use of two types on cursors when using a mouse


1. A Hand Cursor.


This could be customized and a bitmap, could be drawn to suit your needs as far as  how you would want it to look and customized for a Ten foot interface. It would also be used only over the WPF layer of Media Browser Theater only.


2. A Grip Hand Cursor


This would be used on a keyboard "Enter" key press


These are fairly easy implementations through .Net . Much eaier than trying to use Windows API Libraries like "user32" and figuring out PInvoke nonsense while using them. Plus, I think it would be a cool idea for the theater as well. People using the mouse is going to happen.




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