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Over the air?

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Not sure if this is the right area as I thought emby had it's own live TV capabilities, however I am looking to record some shows on ABC and use a RCA over the air HD antenna.  Couple things:


1. What do I need in/on the computer in order to use these with Emby?

2. What software do I need with Emby for this to work?

3. How do shows work?  Like how do I record them?  Is there a guide for over the air?

4. Does OTA have commercials?

5. Frequently I have shows I watch that are cut off because of various reasons however versions people post out there contain the full show.  Is OTA interrupted?





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Sure thing @@Luke.  If you are in the US the device of choice would be an HDHomeRun Quatro.  This device roughly the size of a Roku has 4 tuners built in with a network and antenna connection (power also).


Essentially you attach it to your network, connect the antenna to it and then have 4 tuners available on your network. This allows the tuners to be used by Emby or other software at the same time.


You will want to follow the guide mentioned above but in a nutshell you setup the Quatro in Emby and then attach an EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) to the tuner for your area.  This will be your zipcode (Postal Code) and then selecting OTA (Over the air) broadcast.  Emby will then pull down the guide information daily for you and can have up to 14 days worth of data.  When setup in Emby you can then schedule single recordings for movies or sports events or setup tv shows to record every episode, new broadcasts only or any episode you don't have stored.  It's great!


If using the Quatro as I advocate you won't need any other software except for Emby Server and any/all Emby clients.  You will not have any ongoing monthly costs either as the guide data is included in your Premiere membership!  If you have a lifetime license of Emby and have the hardware you essentially have free TV at that point.


In most areas you'll receive what's considered local broadcasts which would typically include: ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW, PBS and then get stuff like: cozi, starttv, buzz, comet.  You won't get any "network" channels like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC.


For the channels you get it will look just like cable with the same or similar commercials.


Let me know if you have any additional question,


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