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Emby in WMC never loads

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You have to install or run Emby Server for Windows. I am running the 7z (zipped) executable version (no install).

Emby is looking for http://localhost:8096

if emby server is not running it won't work

Run it locally and then connect in a browser to set it up

The first time you run you create a local user name and password (not your emby account), and optionally link to emby account by entering username below that.

You share a local folder by clicking the local folder oval and picking C and I picked videos

I did not allow remote login.

I go to WMC and login to the local user I created. It finds it once the server is running.


Once you reboot the computer, reload the server and login again from your web browser > click on the person icon (top-right) and now you can configure all of the other internal settings like live tv, m3u, etc



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