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Finding Errors for MBC & WMC


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Windows Media Center Logging


Sometimes you may encounter an error such as “Invalid Application” when using Media Browser, this message occasionally has a Details button; if it does, then click the button and post the information displayed with your bug report. However, if this information is not presented in an easy to copy way, or if the details button is not available then you can use the Event Viewer to find the log.

To find the log using Event Viewer, follow these steps

  • Open the Start Menu
  • Type “event”, you will see an entry such as “view event logs” or “event viewer”, open whichever of these shows up
  • In the menu pane on the left, expand the “Application and Services Logs” entry and then click on the “Media Centre” entry.



  • In the middle pane you will see a number of log events for Media Centre, one of, if not the most recent entry will be classed as an error.



  • When you have found the relevant error log, double click it, and in the new window that appears copy the contents of the text box in the General tab and either the Friendly or XML view in the Details tab into your bug report.





  • Then attach the log directly to your post (you'll need to use the full editor) or upload your log file to Paste2 and then post the link in your topic by highlighting your text and then using the link 5245a91d7a76f_link.png button on the toolbar.
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