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change the password for my guide data Schedules Direct login


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Hi everyone

i forgot my password for my Schedules Direct account so i reset it

what i would like to know is there anyway to change the password for my guide data Schedules Direct login on my Emby server with out having to remap all my channels again

because at the moment if i change the password i have to put back in all the info and remap all the channels


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Hi, yes good catch, we'll need to look at improving this. What you can probably do in the meantime is save a backup of the /programdata/config/livetv.xml file.


Then use the web interface to update the password. Then shutdown Emby Server and manually re-insert the channel mappings. Let me know if that helps. Thanks.

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actually just after posting the post i found that file you mentioned /programdata/config/livetv.xml and i saved a copy of the file then put the new password in on the emby dashboard  went back to the file in emby programdata folder found the entry for the password copied it and pasted it into the right place in the saved copy of the file (in my case three times in the file ) then coped the file back to /programdata/config/  folder  to over right the one in there and it work fine.

of course before  doing all this i saved/backup the Emby server folders

the entry i change is highlighted in Red


<Name>Schedules Direct</Name>


      <Id>b10d979bca41c61e93e4f7ef 5adbb09b</Id>





      <ZipCode>SW17 5BD</ZipCode>



PS: what you see here is the real format for the password but not my password or username i mixed up all the password letters and numbers and changed the user name

thank you for your help

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