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Hi.  What is your tuner source?  Once the channels are no longer broadcast by your tuner, they will not show up in Emby either.

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I even removed Live TV config from both Plex and Emby and then re-installed on Emby and still the inactive channels show up

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We plan to add these kinds of channel management features in an upcoming update. thanks.

Hopefully sooner, rather than later.


In live tv setup we plan to add this ability to check/uncheck the channels that you want.

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could you confirm when the next release with this feature will be ? it would be nice to remove the porn channels from main list... for the wife and kids


may i suggest you add a forward and back arrows at the bottom of each pages in the live tv section instead of having to scroll back up each time

and .. one more ...

are you planning to add a way to categorize our channels ?? i get hundreds and would like to sort it by language or categories



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Hi Luke, any update when this feature might make it into release.   In Australia we have many unwanted and duplicate channels which clutter up the guide and would really help to clean the guide up if we could remove those.

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If you have a hdhomerun device you can easily disable them. Find the ip address of you hdhomerun device and go to lineup and disable from there. 



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