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LiveTV + Tv-mosaic server


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Hi all,

First sorry for my poor english, but after many try and test, here is is a little howto :


1/Install Tvmosaic server

2/configure your iptv provider

3/In visiblity remove all you dont want HD/SD/4K....

4/ If you buy TV mosaic plus configure your epg access and thats all right for tvmosaic server


On Emby :

Live TV:


Source TV M3U Tuner ->  http://ServerIP:9270/mobile/?command=get_playlist_m3u

or you can tweak the url : http://<tvmosaic server address>:9270/mobile/?command=get_playlist_m3u&client=<client id string>&sort=<name/number>&type=<tv/radio>&transcoder=h264ts&bitrate=<bitrate in kbits/sec>&lng=<audio language>&width=<width>&height=<height>


EPG Url:



Finish :)

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Removed remote IP addresses.
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