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Removing a video to upgrade - spammed "-trailer" movies appear

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I needed to rerip some BluRays to a better quality so removed the MKV from the movie folder.


Unfortunately Emby picked up that the only "video" in the folder now was the downloaded trailer. (<moviename>-trailer.mp4)


Now it's spamming "new" movies based on these trailers!


<moviename>-trailer-trailer-trailer-trailer-trailer-trailer-trailer-trailer and so on!


Easy to clear up (search for -trailer in Emby and delete) but wondered if there is a way to stop this happening should I do this again in the future?

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Don't delete the main video until the replacement is ready...?  Or, drop a .ignore file in there when you do.


Emby did what it was supposed to - there were videos there so it ingested them.

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Just to be clear, dropping an .ignore file in the folder stops Emby looking in there completely?

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