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[Issues] Feedback Emby Clients


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I want to start this feedback by an huge thanks to the emby developpers and community for this hight quality app !

I'm using it since 2 years and it's amazing how it is usefull for me and my family/friends.


Server : Emby Windows 4.0.2


I have 3 issues who have not been fixed,


The first one and the biggest;


Since the 4.0 update, the included webapp is broken while using browser in PS4.

  - Can't search files

  - Some of filters are not accessible

  - No way to fix it with PS4 settings


The next one is about folders, i have some file who have been class in folder but emby list it like no folders exist.

   - i have fixed it by using "class by folders" but it can be nice that can be automatically settings up when emby detect folder.


The last is now we can't know by the webapp how many file we have in it directly, it permited to me to know if files are corupted and not detected by emby ! but it as disppear.


Sorry for inconveniant about my english (I'm French), thanks again.


I will probably buy a emby premiere licence soon !


Bye !

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