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DS 218+ Emby DLNA Problems


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Hey, i got a Problem using DLNA with latest Emby Server for DSM on my 218+.


I got a LG TV and the TV cant find the DLNA Server (i should select/see it through the Input Section).

But on my devices i can select the TV for DLNA Play to. So for the server the TV is visible but the TV itself cant reach Emby through DLNA.


If i select a media source and want to play it through DLNA Play to simply nothing happens.

i got another machine with emby which i powered up and through this one everything is working well (simple NUC with Ubuntu and Emby)



------ SOLUTION -------


Cut off my Repeater as the TV was on cable connected to it. If i let the TV Connect straight via WIFI to my router everything is working again.

i think somehow it interrupted the communication..

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