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Server Bitrate settings/question


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Hi I’ve recently migrated from plex and trying to get my arms wrapped around the server bitrate settings and was hoping for some guidance.


If I go to expert-advanced and set the bitrate setting, this is the global setting applied per remote device- is this correct? Ultimately this is going to determine how much upload bandwidth you allocate per streaming device not on the LAN.


HOwever I can augment this by going into the individual users settings on the server and increase/decrease their allowed bitrate/upload bandwidth which will override the global setting I mentioned previously.


Am I in the ballpark or am I not understanding? Please feel free to correct me if I’m off base.

Thanks for the help.

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Hey thanks a lot, I wanted to be sure. I've read a lot of references people setting transcoding settings to "Auto" but this is only for thread count on the server or the individual player/client settings.

I'll read more on the proper proper bitrate settings for the server. Again, thanks a lot. 

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