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TV shows show padlock = no artwork


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I have a yearly paid account and am testing emby as a replacement for the other major player..


GUI and layout i can learn and adjust but after (I think) upgrading to V4 most of my 1000 TV shows have no art work.

I have tried several beta versions also and currently on the latest 08.


What appears to be the issue is most of my TV shows have a padlock icon in this view. 

Metadata Manager





The few that don't (have the padlock) DO have artwork.


I have search and googled for days and can find nothing on deleting/hiding the padlocks.


Where/How do get rid of these padlocks?



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The padlock indicates that for that item the metadata has been locked at some point - or a sub item


If you scroll to the bottom of an items page in Metadata manager (right hand Panel) you should see something like this - you might need to expand the structure on the left - as it could be the Show or seasons or episodes - that could be locked or all three!




If the item is fully locked (all metadata)


and when unlocked it should look like this




As for why - not sure


But things to check - assuming you have NFO's with your media - are they read only?

Were the nfo's created by Emby?

Or possibly - if created in another app - they came with the <lockdata>true</lockdata> already set in the nfo


Or something else - there's no multiedit in metadata manager - so if you have nfo's then a good text editor would be able to change all the nfo's to <lockdata>false</lockdata> 

You would then do a library scan and emby should see the changes

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