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Poor playback quality using mb3 classic


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I have just set up some new media centres.


Playback through mb3 Classic was fine on previous mc's.


But now it is really low res.


I have linked the folder to the standard mc video library and playback is fine ... However when playing back through mbc, the resolution is poor.


What should I try?


Any help would be appreciated. I believe I did the same with this mc as with the ones before???



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Transcoding needs to be set off of auto or low on the server back end. I run mine at Max quality. 


To do this first open mb server dashboard.

Click Advanced.

Click transcoding.

Select Max Quality.



You should be good to go.


If it is still low quality or fuzzy looking are you trying to run more than 1 stream at a time?

If so what is the server cpu?

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