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theme videos/music not working with "sync theme media" using addon paths


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TVTunes music and video themes don't seem to be working correctly. Hitting sync theme media in the emby addon gives a success message after about 10-15 seconds, but neither video backdrops nor music themes are playing at all for movies or tv shows. My local trailers do not play either with that option enabled in TVTunes.


Backdrops WILL play if I use native paths, but in order to use Cinema mode I have to use add-on paths. Play video in background is enabled. I use Arctic:Zephyr and Aura skins primarily.


In the path



MOVIE folders containing tvtunes.nfo have been created- but nothing in regard to tv shows at all.



Addon 4.0.5

Shield Android TV

Kodi - Leia


After addon updated to 4.0.5 I tried to repair libraries and re-sync theme media, still no love.


@@Angelblue05 any idea what might be causing this?

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