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Emby support for TCL SmartTV 3.0?


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Hello Emby community,


I hope someone can help, I have looked around the web and Emby community but have not been able to find a way to manually install Emby on my particular TV, TCL 55DP600. Sorry if this is the wrong forum topic area I did look around.


Specifications of 55DP600


Processor Dual Core

SmartTV 3.0 (33 languages) 

Native support: 4K Netflix, YouTube  

Web browser 

HbbTV 1,5 (2.0 update)



Product Specifications PDF



Manufatures Product Page



The inbuilt store page is a joke I almost wish I spent the extra on the inbuilt Roku version but was hoping to get around this issue once I had the TV in my hands, it is a good TV at a good price when I brought it, figured I could spend the savings later on a dedicated box if I had to (was £100 for the Roku version with a more posh bezel). 


Hopefully, someone would be kind enough to advise if It's possible to manually install Emby on this OS?


I have already spent a few hours trying to get a working DLNA profile to work and anyway the thought of trying to get my wife and children to use the inbuilt DLNA system leaves me cold and numb. I understand trying to workaround this issue may be pointless, I know I could just go out and get a Roku or other device, I was hoping to keep the complexity down to a minimum I.E. one remote to rule them all type thing, I don't like family Tech support, Tech support is already my day job! 


Kind regards,




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Hi, Dlna should work, but it also won't have the great looking interface. If this is something you're targeting for your family i would strongly suggest the dedicated Roku app, whether it be upgrading the TV or an external Roku box.

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Thanks for your reply Luke, just before I run out and buy a Roku dedicated box, can you confirm It is not possible to sideload Emby app onto this OS? Also as a side question do Emby have any plans to release the app on TCL app store? 


Many thanks,



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