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How To Take A Screenshot On an Nvidia Shield

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To take a screenshot, press and hold down the HOME button for a couple of seconds (instead of pressing and immediately releasing) and you will see the Twitch menu pop up on the screen, which is used to allow users to record videos and broadcast to Twitch.


Regardless of whether you are a Twitch user or not, the added benefit of this menu is that you can also take simple screenshots from any app on the Shield device.


Select the last option in the on-screen menu, the 'screenshot' option.


Once navigated to and pressed, a screenshot of the current screen is captured, which you can then save using the 'save to gallery' option.


A confirmation that the screenshot has been saved, will be displayed in a pop up message at the bottom of the screen.


The screenshot is saved to the sdcard\Pictures\Screenshots folder on the Shield.


Use a file manager app, such as ES FILE EXPLORER, to navigate to the screenshot file.


From there, you can copy/move etc., like any other file.


As mentioned by @@GrimReaper76, make sure to enable Nvidia Share in the system settings.



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